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  • From touring productions to festivals and corporate events, Colour Sound has come a long way from the company’s early years as a supplier of early moving lights to dance parties and raves.

  • Clay Paky Scenius for Siyan

    Friday 20 May, 2016

    Since 2001, Siyan has been servicing the live music industry with quality lighting fixtures. That means a regular reviewing of stock and updating of the rental inventory. MD Nick Valdez was looking to fill a gap in the 'big spot' category.

  • Joining up the Killer Dots

    Thursday 5 May, 2016

    Lighting Designer Steven Douglas is no stranger to the delights of Ayrton fixtures.

  • “I have to say that the whole process with Ambersphere has been like a breath of fresh air,”

  • When you’ve completed this training you be well on your way to running your first show on the dot2.

  • Sometimes the most original solutions are formulated from the most haphazard moments of abstract thought.

  • Alexandra Palace in North London was the venue for the Wombats’ largest production during their current tour..

  • Christmas 2015 Office Hours

    Wednesday 11 November, 2015

    Closed 24 December 2015 to 3 January 2016. Regular office hours resume Monday 4th January 2016.

  • MA Network Switch

    Friday 23 October, 2015

    The MA Network Switch radically reduces the setup time and the level of complexity required to achieve an optimised lighting network.

  • The Sharpy has proved the ideal festival lighting tool on ‘The Great Stage’ at Secret Garden Party.

  • It’s been back-to-back festivals all season: Snowbombing, Parklife, Creamfields, Bestival Boardmasters, Festival No 6 to name just a few of them.

  • Masters of Rock AC/DC’s Rock or Bust Tour thundered through Europe and the USA bringing night after night of head-banging delight to hundreds of thousands of fans.

  • October grandMA2 training

    Monday 7 September, 2015

    Our October grandMA2 training courses are now taking bookings.

  • grandMA2 Software Releases v3.1.2.5

    Tuesday 1 September, 2015

    The new release of grandMA2 sofware is here.

  • Manchester, UK – A wide array of Clay Paky fixtures has been spread over numerous stages at one of UK’s biggest dance festivals,Parklife, with several of the major acts’ lighting designers ‘very happy’ to discover them in the rig.

  • The Barn on the Farm is one of the growing number of independent events that now populate the summer festival calendar.

  • Clay Paky Mythos, Sharpy, Alpha Spot HPE 300 and Sharpy Wash 330 fixtures are performing crucial lighting roles during season two filming of music show Sky Arts Sessions, allowing Sky TV lighting designer Richard Bowles to create fresh and dynamic looks for the varying acts in each episode.

  • The latest lighting company to be knocking on the door of Ambersphere Solutions to purchase a number of Ayrton MagicBlade™-Rs is TSL Lighting.

  • A Blitz on GlowUps

    Tuesday 11 August, 2015

    Sometimes the simple solutions can be the better option. As the summer season of massive shows and festivals progresses with audiences treated to the spectacle of hugely complex lighting rigs packed full of the latest in moving light technology, it is easy to forget the less sexy, less eye-catching fixtures that simply do a job and do it brilliantly.

  • Onyx Presentations deliver a premier bespoke package of AV, sound and lighting to a wide range of events, be they corporate clients, elite private functions, trade shows, gala dinners or sporting events. The company has recently become a customer of Ambersphere Solutions and have invested significantly in a variety of the newest lighting fixtures from one of the Ambersphere family of brands: Ayrton.

  • Aurora stock up at Ambersphere

    Thursday 25 June, 2015

    In common with all quality suppliers of equipment to the broadcast entertainment and television industry, Aurora Lighting Hire are constantly reviewing and updating their available hire products. Most recently, the company turned to Ambersphere Solutions to replenish their followspot stock and to invest in the latest moving light fixtures to conquer the market.

  • Out of Routledge’s huge design, well over half of the fixtures are from the Ambersphere Solutions family of brands. Ayrton’s exciting new MagicPanel™-R and MagicBlade™-R fixtures augment a whole host of Clay Paky moving lights while Robert Juliat followspots are the order of the day. And as for control: MA Lighting’s grandMA2 consoles are very much in command.

  • d3 Technologies choose grandMA

    Thursday 11 June, 2015

    Lighting and video now go hand in hand when conceiving a concept for a show. Consoles need to speak easily and fluently with video servers as MA Lighting have long recognised. London based d3 Technologies has been in business for over twelve years and is the creator of the trusted d3 platform, the integrated video production suite.

  • Since its unveiling at ProLight & Sound in April this year, the new dot2 range of consoles from MA Lighting has been establishing itself as yet another of the MA family of consoles that ticks all the right boxes for all the right reasons.

  • Fisher Hires has recently invested over £5m in new lighting fixtures and control. Head of Fisher Lighting & Hires, Robert Baker explains, “When investing in our new kit we chose to purchase some key items from Ambersphere Solutions who have a reputation for really knowing and understanding the industry"

  • The Mythos Becomes Legend

    Thursday 14 May, 2015

    Since its UK debut at PLASA 2014, the Mythos has established itself as yet another ‘must have’ Clay Paky fixture in every genre of the lighting industry. From television studios to corporate trade launches, theatrical performances and live touring productions, the Mythos is up there at the top of the list for the fixture of choice.

  • Ayrton Panels are Magic on Olly Murs

    Thursday 30 April, 2015

    Production designer Paul Normandale has combined a set, video and lighting rig that places the audience focus firmly on the central artist. The very recognisable shape of the Magicpanels can be seen on the frames that hang from the main truss symmetrically left and right of centre stage.

  • Lighting Up the Six Nations

    Thursday 19 March, 2015

    One of the most exciting developments in the entertainment industry of the past few years is the demand for musical/theatrical entertainment as a prequel to high profile sporting events.

  • The essence of lighting control

    Monday 16 March, 2015

    MA presents a new range of compact lighting control solutions – the dot2.

  • Ambersphere Welcomes New Team Members

    Thursday 12 March, 2015

    Ambersphere Solutions was formed back in 2011 with just four staff to look after the UK sales, service and support for Clay Paky and MA Lighting. Since then the company has gone from strength to strength, growing steadily whilst maintaining the company’s strong support ethic.

  • Since its arrival on the market, the Clay Paky Mythos has continued to make its presence felt across all sectors of the industry. Descriptives such as ‘awesome’, ‘just immense’ and ‘everything I've ever wanted in a moving light’ are to be found across social media.

  • Magic Blades cut it with DPL

    Thursday 26 February, 2015

    Darren Parker, MD of DPL Lighting has just taken delivery of a substantial number of Magicblade-R fixtures. Why Magicblades in particular?

  • Drop-in week at Ambersphere Solutions

    Wednesday 11 February, 2015

    If you find yourself in the London area next week, do drop-in to Ambersphere Solutions. Their newly refurbished showroom features all the latest products from Ayrton, Clay Paky, MA Lighting and Robert Juliat.

  • At the PLASA Awards 2014, the judges said: “The Mythos hybrid automated light works as a hard-edge spot, a beam light, or a wash light with a range of effects. It has excellent colours, incredible brightness, terrific optics, and a small housing. In the Clay Paky tradition, it's a real winner."

  • Office hours and support contacts

    Thursday 18 December, 2014

    Ambersphere Solutions will be closed 24 December 2015 to 3 January 2016. Regular office hours resume Monday 4th January 2016.

  • Around the world with grandMA2

    Tuesday 16 December, 2014

    Since the beginning of the Arctic Monkey’s last global journey in May 2013, lighting director Sam MacLaren estimates he must have had his hands over fifty different grandMA2 consoles from rental sources across the world. So if anyone has earned the qualification to assess the functionality and reliability of the grandMA2, it is MacLaren.

  • The back catalogue of composer Hans Zimmer reads a little like a review of some the best films of the last twenty years. So the opportunity to see the man in action with a live orchestra at a venue like the Hammersmith Apollo is one not to be missed.

  • The red carpet moments at the MTV EMA Awards have grown into an occasion in their own right, demanding the kind of production values usually discovered once inside the show itself.

  • Ayrton appoint Ambersphere Solutions

    Tuesday 23 September, 2014

    Ambersphere Solutions have been appointed the exclusive UK distributor for the Ayrton range of LED Luminaires and creative LED imaging solutions.

  • Sadler’s Well Pleased with Robert Juliat

    Tuesday 23 September, 2014

    There has been a theatre on the site of Sadler’s Wells since 1683. Christian Wallace is the Technical Manager for this, the sixth incarnation to bear the name of the original proprietor along with a nod to the health giving spring that still lie beneath the theatre.

  • Goodbye to Pasquale Quadri

    Monday 8 September, 2014

    7th September 2014- Pasquale Quadri, Founder and Chairman of Clay Paky SpA, the world leader in show lighting, passed away tonight in his home in Torre De Roveri

  • grandMA Control – An Operator’s Tale

    Thursday 4 September, 2014

    Jonathan Rouse is a very busy man. This year his programming skills have already been much in demand, working on shows as diverse as the ‘X’ Factor Live Tour, Sarah Brightman, Boyzone, Ed Sheeran, the Robbie Swings Both Ways Tour and most recently the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. His console of choice is the grandMA2 and he is unreservedly enthusiastic in explaining why…

  • A Warm Glow from Blitz Communications

    Tuesday 26 August, 2014

    Blitz Communications is a company that prides itself in being a substantial investor in the newest, most innovative equipment available. To this end, the company recently made the decision to purchase a substantial number of the new Clay Paky Glow-Ups.

  • One Direction is the boy band of the moment and is presently in the midst of a global tour that began in South America and has now landed in the UK and Europe.

  • If you own a television then it’s unlikely that you haven’t watched a programme lit by Richard Martin Lighting. Since the company’s inception in the early 1980s it has established a formidable reputation as a premier supplier of lighting fixtures to the television sector and now boasts a stock sheet comprising more than 5000 products. In such a demanding and fast moving industry, RML are constantly reassessing and updating their inventory and have recently taken delivery of a number of the new Clay Paky K20 B-EYEs

  • The production values on the X-Factor Live Tour certainly maintain the look and feel of the TV show. Video plays a large part in this with two IMAG screens stage left and right reminding the audience of the journey the performers have completed prior to each acts’ performance. Add to that a lighting rig that begins with fifty nine Clay Paky Sharpies just for starters and it is clear that a for a followspot to cut through and make its mark, it would have to be something powerful, very bright and with a clarity of focus to work with the camera work effectively. Step forward, the Robert Juliat Lancelot, a 4000W Discharge unit that is fast becoming accepted as the long-throw followspot of choice for large live events and concerts.

  • “There’s only so much you can say about any one light,” began AJ Pen who is running the One Republic lightshow; he then talked non-stop for ten minutes. The focus of his attention is the new B-EYE from Clay Paky. The show’s designer, Chris Lisle had been alerted to the new light last year, “I had seen a couple of YouTube links of the B-EYE prior to going to LDI last year.” He said. “I knew right away that it would be a great fixture to use on One Republic.

  • “There are multiple screens hanging at various heights all over the rig. Using the grandMA2 to map the content to the screens it’s the Catalysts that do all the work, the MA2 is just the control surface. But having used lots of different desks I’d say it’s the perfect surface for the job.

  • B-EYE gets the Brand New MTV experience

    Wednesday 26 March, 2014

    “Standing still is never an option in this game.” So declares veteran lighting designer Peter Barnes whose CV is summed up by his moniker as ‘the UK’s guru of pop lighting’. “One of the most challenging and daunting aspects of lighting events is the pace of change and how quickly technology in our industry continually develops and evolves. So the opportunity from Ambersphere to try out the newest toy from Clay Paky was not one I was about to turn down.”

  • Bewley himself is in complete agreement: “MA have produced a unit that fits neatly into their ‘modus operandi’. Like the MA2 consoles, the VPU is designed to work with the operator and the way each individual likes to have a show programmed rather than having to make allowances for the DMX mapping.”

  • NL Productions, the Edinburgh-based events arm of Northern Light Stage and Technical Services Ltd, has become a major stockist of Clay Paky fixtures in Scotland following a considerable investment with the manufacturer's UK distributor, Ambersphere Solutions.

  • Sergeant Pepper visits Berkhamsted School

    Thursday 6 February, 2014

    The annual event is staffed entirely by volunteers; Andy Mahaffey, Head of Lighting at Blitz Communications has been the show’s lighting designer since 2004/5: “Each year has a theme to it and, in this 25th Anniversary year, it’s ‘The Best of British’. Over time the show has grown both in performance and from a technical perspective:

  • A Buzz around the B-EYE

    Tuesday 4 February, 2014

    2014 looks set to be the year of the B-EYE, the latest innovation from the Clay Paky stable of moving light fixtures. The design and effect possibilities of the K20 and its smaller sibling, the K10 are best seen when the lights are in action; even a thorough study of the written documentation doesn’t really seem to quite do them justice.

  • Followspot Victory at Kings Theatre

    Friday 31 January, 2014

    ‘London Light has been a stalwart customer of Ambersphere Solutions for some time and we knew that they had recently become UK distributors for Robert Juliat. The combination of manufacturing quality from Robert Juliat and the superb service and back-up that we have always received from Ambersphere is a real winner in my mind.”

  • A Flair for Lighting Maroon 5

    Friday 24 January, 2014

    Described by the London Evening Standard as “A lightshow which could have illuminated the dark side of the moon,” Wade’s design was lacking only in compromise. To compete successfully with the video content, the lighting rig needed to be able to hold its own with three of the ‘most high-definition screens this reporter has seen at the O2’.

  • Rose Bruford College has an enviable reputation in the fields of theatre and performance. Initially established as a centre for training drama teachers by actress and teacher Rose Bruford in 1951, the college expanded in 1976 to offer the first UK Honours Degree in professional acting and theatre practice.

  • Bullet for my Valentine

    Wednesday 11 December, 2013

    A quick spree around the UK before Christmas has seen Wales’s favourite sons (after the rugby team that is) Bullet for my Valentine, cement their place in the new wave metal firmament.

  • Christmas Open Day

    Monday 9 December, 2013

    Come join us for mince pies and merriment on the 19th December 2-7pm. Nestling between the glittering fairy lights will be products from our lovely suppliers, Clay Paky, MA Lighting International & Robert Juliat. There will also be an abundance of mulled wine, beer, gin, soft drinks, cheese, cold meats, gingerbread, bread & much more.

  • Renowned as one of the industry’s stalwarts, lighting designer Anthony (Turbo) Hall has been part of the Blinding Light team since 2011 and played a key role in the company’s recent acquisition of Clay Paky fixtures from Ambersphere Solutions.

  • The stunning combination of light and video was the work of Paul Normandale: a designer who never fails to deliver. Classically Normandale in its asymmetrics and little idiosyncratic touches it was left to board operator Ali Bale to elicit the best out of Normandale’s design.

  • B-EYE award-winning luminaire

    Tuesday 22 October, 2013

    ALEDA B-EYE is truly innovative for its unique lighting effects; its unmatched versatility makes it a fantastic creative tool. Firstly it an excellent wash-light, with beautiful colours and an impressive 6° to 70° zoom. The beam however can be closed further down to as little as 4°, switching the light from wash diffusion into a parallel beam. B-EYE thus becomes a beam-light for amazing aerial effects.

  • Taking a huge step forward MA VPU

    Thursday 3 October, 2013

    With the MA VPU light (Video Processing Unit), MA Lighting has developed a smart and compact video control offering nearly the same performance as the successful MA VPU plus and MA VPU basic. Only 2HU height, the MA VPU light features sophisticated hardware and proven MA software. Furthermore the in-built screen displays all essential information about the status of the MA VPU light.

  • Lee House joins Ambersphere Solutions

    Monday 30 September, 2013

    As part of Ambersphere Solutions continued growth we are pleased to announce that industry veteran Lee House has joined Ambersphere Solutions, expanding the company’s Sales Team.

  • We purchased over a hundred lights, profiles, 1.2kW fresnels, and a dozen 2kWs. Fifteen years later every one of them is still with us and they are all good as new, in fact I still think of them that way. They are the best lights you can get, they were then and they still are today.

  • It’s Nice to Meet the A.LEDA on Jessie J

    Wednesday 11 September, 2013

    Jessie J’s first show was to an audience of 50,000 at an outdoor show in Rabat, on the East coast of Morocco. Lighting designer Vince Foster’s rig reflects that same sharp and self-assured poise that the artist herself is renowned for.

  • Ambersphere Colours L’Oreal with Point

    Wednesday 7 August, 2013

    “This tour is organised by Fisher Productions who are renowned for their high end production values. I went to Point Source Productions for control and lighting fixtures for this show as they could provide the quality of control and luminaires that I was looking for: MA and Clay Paky. The combination of using a grandMA2 light, an MA VPU Plus along with an MA 2Port Node for backup gave me everything I wanted for control and more.’

  • Dry Hire Growth

    Thursday 18 July, 2013

    “It’s a busy time; we’ve just purchased another large batch of Clay Paky Sharpys for our rental inventory and they arrive this week, yet we’ll still have to sub’ in a few extra lights to keep our regular clients happy.” Rob Merrilees at Dry Hire Lighting is managing growth with a wise head; note how he wasn’t tempted to buy just a few more to fill that equipment gap. “We will take those extra lights, check and prepare them to our standards, then off they go.”

  • When the time came to refresh and expand their lighting stock, managing director Stephen Capel turned to Ambersphere Solutions: “When the decision was made to expand our catalogue, we decided to invest in Clay Paky luminaires due to the broader range of features than found on comparable products from other manufacturers.

  • “The client was really surprised about how we totally transformed the room using just six Alpha Spot QWO 800s and four A.leda Wash K10s,”

  • Ambersphere and The Anvil Arts Centre

    Wednesday 12 June, 2013

    Ian Jones is Head of Technical Services at Anvil Arts: “When we made the decision to purchase Clay Paky and MA Lighting products, our primary aim was to raise the bar for our house production lighting and take the first steps toward future proofing the rig for the next ten years. W

  • Robert Juliat and Ambersphere Solutions have announced an exclusive agreement that will enable Ambersphere Solutions to represent French manufacturer Robert Juliat throughout the UK. This agreement enables Ambersphere to extend its unique sales, service, support and training facilities to cover all Ro

  • Award-winning lighting designer James Thompson is using pure beam Clay Paky Sharpys to throw laser like beams across the audience in his show design for The Script’s current sell-out world tour.

  • A lesson in restraint

    Friday 10 May, 2013

    “I’m having the time of my life with these,” said an ebullient Simon Tutchener, lighting designer for Mark Knopfler. “I’m still getting to know the lights but everything I’ve seen so far is just what I was expecting.”

  • It’s arrived. A new member of the family joins the legendary Sharpy from Clay Paky: it imitates its speed, weight and size but fills the space beyond 6deg making it the obvious choice to complement the Sharpy’s beam capacity. With a range from 6.5deg to 50deg the Sharpy Wash is designed by the boffins at the Clay Paky optical lab to be the flip-side to the Sharpy coin. The 330W lamp equals the output of a 1000W luminaire and weighing in at only 18.5 Kg it is the ideal tourable unit.

  • Sharpys Are Allowed for the Girls

    Wednesday 27 March, 2013

    Peter Barnes really is one of those lighting designers who needs little introduction. Dubbed as ‘the UK’s guru of pop lighting’, Barnes has been lighting shows for nearly forty years; it is safe to say that he knows more than a thing or two about what works well on a stage. Equally at home on the big event spectacular, the Saturday night TV talent show or the touring stage production, Barnes has an enviable reputation amongst his peers.

  • English indie rock band Bloc Party are currently in the midst of their biggest, most ambitious tour to date. The ‘Four’ Tour completed 2012 in Mexico and, so far, 2013 has taken them across the USA then on to Europe, via Japan. The end of February will see the band playing to a 19,000 strong audience at Earls Court before March escorts the tour down to Australia and the Far East.

  • Gary Barlow tours MA & Clay Paky

    Thursday 21 February, 2013

    The jump from just eight shows to twenty-five, forced by overwhelming demand for tickets, is as powerful an indication as any that Gary Barlow is very much in the zeitgeist of contemporary pop music.

  • Trip the Light Fantastic

    Thursday 31 January, 2013

    It is becoming difficult to turn on the TV on a Saturday night and not be treated to a dazzling display of that virtuoso moving light, the Clay Paky Sharpy. Flexible, bright, power and size friendly, their use is limited only by the imagination of the lighting designer.

  • Viva Forever!, the musical based on the songs of the Spice Girls, had its World Premiere in London's West End on 11 December and has the audiences dancing in the aisles and happily humming the whole way home.

  • Ambersphere Solutions Scottish open day

    Tuesday 1 January, 2013

    Ambersphere Solutions will be demonstrating their commitment to excellent customer service with a series of regional open days throughout 2013. The first one will take place in Glasgow on Tuesday 19th February between 11am and 4pm at the Scottish Ballet’s headquarters (Tramway, 25 Albert Drive, Glasgow, G41 2PE).

  • Elbow – end the year refreshed

    Thursday 20 December, 2012

    It has been three monumental years for Manchester stalwarts Elbow. Yet whatever their successes, a more unassuming and firmly grounded band you could not wish to meet. This doesn’t mean they’re averse to the odd risk, as show designer Cate Carter found out on their recent flurry of UK arena dates.

  • Classical Spectacular enters a new era

    Saturday 8 December, 2012

    As every good conductor knows, even the most tried and trusted musical score can warrant a revisit from time to time. The same is true of production, as has happened on the latest outing of Classical Spectacular.

  • Buckinghamshire based Lightsmiths, owned by Bruce Rutter, has made a significant investment in Clay Paky’s first professional LED lighting fixtures.

  • Challenge anyone to name a landmark tour from the 1980’s and many will say Peter Gabriel’s ‘SO’ Tour. Lighting fixtures played a starring role on that tour thirty years ago, interacting with Gabriel from a number of strategically place lighting booms that were integral to the stage set.

  • Ambersphere Christmas Open Day

    Saturday 10 November, 2012

    Ambersphere Solutions has had a tremendously busy year, serving the needs of their regular customers whilst getting involved in many of the high profile 2012 summer events that took place across the UK. And with Christmas just round the corner, they are pleased to announce their Christmas Open Day!

  • It’s exciting times in the TV lighting world with the news that Chris Rigby, Gurdip Mahal, Ross Williams and Nick Edwards have joined forces to create Aurora Lighting Associates Ltd.

  • London calling

    Wednesday 26 September, 2012

    Among the most memorable live extravaganzas of 2012 will be the four Ceremonies that opened and closed the London Olympic and Paralympic Games, all featuring lighting designed by Patrick Woodroffe.

  • New Clay Paky Product at PLASA

    Thursday 6 September, 2012

    A.LEDA is the Clay Paky RGBW-LED moving head range featuring three models: A.Leda Wash K5 (150W, 3,500 lm, 12° beam angle), A.Leda Wash K10 (350W, 9,000 lm) and A.Leda Wash K20 (600W, 18,000 lm).

  • Expansion to Ambersphere’s core team

    Tuesday 4 September, 2012

    Ambersphere Solutions is pleased to announce that Matt Cowles has joined the company, effective Monday 3rd September.

  • Stone Roses resurrection

    Friday 31 August, 2012

    In one of the biggest comebacks of recent times, the Stone Roses chose to work with renowned Lighting Designer Paul Normandale to design what can only be described as a awe-inspiring light and video show to complement their highly anticipated reunion tour this summer.

  • GlowUps sparkle for ‘Seen Presents’

    Wednesday 18 July, 2012

    Ambersphere Solutions has recently worked with Entec Sound & Light to supply a number of GlowUp fixtures used for a premium jewellery product showcase.

  • As part of their on-going commitment to providing ‘quality products with total support’, and following a ‘sold out’ schedule of courses during the spring, Ambersphere Solutions is set for a busy summer, offering training for the MA Lighting products that they distribute exclusively throughout the UK.

  • Clay Paky Sharpys, sporting Union Jack coverings, shone brightly alongside some of the world’s most famous pop royalty to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee.

  • MA & Clay Paky showcase at ABTT

    Monday 4 June, 2012

    Having just reported its best month of trading ever, Ambersphere Solutions Ltd is looking forward to exhibiting at the ABTT Theatre Show, taking place at the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane, London on 13th and 14th June.

  • Example of a showcase for Clay Paky

    Wednesday 30 May, 2012

    Rapper and Singer/Songwriter ‘Example’ has kicked off his first ever arena tour with a stunning lighting system designed by imaginative LD Graham ‘Grum’ Leesmith.

  • Siyan, long term customer of Clay Paky has recently increased their investment in Clay Paky products, alongside a brand new purchase of the grandMA2 light, all from Ambersphere Solutions.

  • It’s an exciting expansion time for new company Dry Hire Lighting, as they announce a significant purchase of Clay Paky products from exclusive Clay Paky UK distributor Ambersphere Solutions.

  • British rock/hardcore band Enter Shikari have been lighting up Hammersmith Apollo on the latest date of their current tour, before they embark upon a summer of festivals across the UK and Europe.

  • Ambersphere Solutions, the exclusive distributor for MA Lighting products into the UK, has been overwhelmed by demand for the recently launched MA onPC command wing.

  • Ambersphere’s regional tour of the UK continues in March and April with two headline appearances – at the Black Light Open day in Scotland, and at PLASA Focus in Leeds.

  • Elstree Light & Power has recently invested in a significant number of Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 1500s, supplemented by a healthy order of Sharpys.

  • Sam Tamplin, Lighting Designer and MD of flourishing Brighton-based rental company TSL Ltd has just returned from a successful tour of France and the UK with the popular Church band ‘Worship Central On Tour’, accompanied by his recent purchase, the grandMA2 lighting desk.

  • In a new initiative to introduce the latest MA Lighting and Clay Paky products to their customers in a ‘hands on’ environment, Ambersphere Solutions have announced a series of regional showcases in performance venues throughout the UK.

  • Welcome to new customer Automated

    Tuesday 7 February, 2012

    Demonstrating their commitment to supplying Clay Paky and MA Lighting products across the UK entertainment market, Ambersphere Solutions are pleased to welcome Kent based company Automated to the growing list of Ambersphere customers.

  • For all of those parents out there wondering if their teenagers will venture out from their bedrooms for anything other than food or presents this Christmas, the answer is yes, but only briefly.