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grandMA2 Programming & Practice Days

grandMA2 Programming & Practice Days


Due to the number of requests we tend to experience for people to come in and spend time on gMA2 consoles, we are offering a range of bookable sessions this year.

There will be 4 consoles setup at Ambersphere which can be individually booked.

2x gMA2 Light’s

1x gMA2 Full Size

1x gMA2 Ultra-Light

Each will be equipped with a PC running MA3D.

Additional equipment can be booked on request and is subject to availability.

There will also be one technician on hand to help out, answer questions and give short training sessions if needed.

Each of the 4 consoles can be booked on a first come first served basis on each of the nominated days.

If you need additional time then one of the four consoles will be located in our show room and can be booked for longer periods as needed, but please contact us directly to arrange this.

To make a booking for a session either go through the training section on our website, click on the day you want and click on the booking link or email training@ambersphere.co.uk