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Clay Paky is a world level reference brand in the sector of professional lighting systems.
The wide range of Clay Paky products includes moving body and moving mirror projectors, color-changers, followspots, projectors for architectural lighting and various lighting effects.


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Clay Paky Updates

  • Ambersphere & Richard Martin Lighting up Sky Sports with the B-EYE

    If you own a television then it’s unlikely that you haven’t watched a programme lit by Richard Martin Lighting. Since the company’s inception in the early 1980s it has established a formidable reputation as a premier supplier of lighting fixtures to the television sector and now boasts a stock sheet comprising more than 5000 products. In such a demanding and fast moving industry, RML are constantly reassessing and updating their inventory and have recently taken delivery of a number of the new Clay Paky K20 B-EYEs

  • B-EYE on One Republic - a deep bag of tricks

    “There’s only so much you can say about any one light,” began AJ Pen who is running the One Republic lightshow; he then talked non-stop for ten minutes. The focus of his attention is the new B-EYE from Clay Paky. The show’s designer, Chris Lisle had been alerted to the new light last year, “I had seen a couple of YouTube links of the B-EYE prior to going to LDI last year.” He said. “I knew right away that it would be a great fixture to use on One Republic.