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Clay Paky is a world level reference brand in the sector of professional lighting systems.
The wide range of Clay Paky products includes moving body and moving mirror projectors, color-changers, followspots, projectors for architectural lighting and various lighting effects.


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Clay Paky Updates

  • B-EYE on One Republic - a deep bag of tricks

    “There’s only so much you can say about any one light,” began AJ Pen who is running the One Republic lightshow; he then talked non-stop for ten minutes. The focus of his attention is the new B-EYE from Clay Paky. The show’s designer, Chris Lisle had been alerted to the new light last year, “I had seen a couple of YouTube links of the B-EYE prior to going to LDI last year.” He said. “I knew right away that it would be a great fixture to use on One Republic.

  • B-EYE gets the Brand New MTV experience

    “Standing still is never an option in this game.” So declares veteran lighting designer Peter Barnes whose CV is summed up by his moniker as ‘the UK’s guru of pop lighting’. “One of the most challenging and daunting aspects of lighting events is the pace of change and how quickly technology in our industry continually develops and evolves. So the opportunity from Ambersphere to try out the newest toy from Clay Paky was not one I was about to turn down.”