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13th February 2017

Mythos2, all of the features you love from the original Mythos Hybrid fixture (bright, light, affordable and flexible), but with 2 new superpowers:

  • New Super-smooth dimming upgrade ensures Mythos2 is suitable for the most demanding applications.
  • New Heart, new life, reliable Osram lamp technology you can depend on.

 When specifying the most flexible, affordable, Hybrid fixture of your choice ensure you specify the Hybrid fixture with 2 new superpowers; the Mythos2.


Supplied from launch with a Philips 20R lamp, the original Mythos fixture had experienced less than ideal rates of premature lamp failure.

 Frustrated by the situation, Clay Paky convinced Osram to develop a reliable new lamp/driver combination. Clay Paky took this opportunity to develop replacement dimmer blades to improve the bottom-end dimming.

 All new Mythos2 fixtures are supplied with the reliable lamp technology and improved dimming.

 The two modifications are also available as an inexpensive upgrade kit for existing Mythos fixtures. The kit is supplied with Mythos2 stickers to rebrand the fixtures.

 Lighting specifiers are encouraged to specify “Mythos2” to ensure the most reliable fixture with lovely bottom-end dimming.

New Superpowers for Mythos2