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Ayrton Ghibli and Diablo take up residence at London’s Southbank Centre

14th September 2020
The Ghiblis are ideal for us as they can go from a rock concert to a kid’s concert to a dance show
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Ayrton unleashes Karif-LT – The Creative Wizard

22nd June 2020
Ayrton has continued to innovate, spending the hiatus in preparation for when we are all back
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Ayrton Khamsin-S is a Revelation for Mika

19th May 2020
Ayrton Khamsin-S is a Revelation for Mika The charismatic singer/song writer Mika’s Revelation tour
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Adlib invests in Ayrton Khamsin, Bora and Diablo

16th March 2020
Merseyside-based Adlib is excited to have made a sizeable investment in Ayrton fixtures
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Ayrton Perseo builds Castle of Light in Edinburgh

25th February 2020
A month of spectacular shows have proved that the Perseo-S was the right choice
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Ayrton End of Life Products

23rd February 2020
From the 1st of July the following products are going End of Life
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Scotland’s first Ayrton Perseo fixtures featured in itison’s major new event series

10th February 2020
Ayrton’s new IP65-rated Perseo LED profile fixtures saw their first Scottish engagements
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Blue Parrot takes the first Ayrton Perseo-S into Scotland

14th November 2019
Edinburgh-based production services and dry hire company, Blue Parrot, has just taken delivery..
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Ayrton releases Perseo-S and Huracán-X at PLASA 2019

27th September 2019
As Ayrton marks the half-way point of its Multi Twenty-one program
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Ayrton presents Perseo-S - its first IP65 rated profile fixture

11th June 2019
Perseo-S produces a 27,000 lumen output from its 500W LED source
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Ayrton Lighting Plays Major Role at Eurovision Song Contest 2019

4th June 2019
For the second year in a row, we’ve had a close co-operation with Ayrton (for Eurovision)
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Ayrton’s new Diablo™ LED Profile – Smaller is Remarkably Better

30th April 2019
Ayrton’s innovative, ultra-compact Diablo™ profile is the smallest, lightest and most efficient LED
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