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Zactrack Applications


zactrack LIGHT CONTROL turns any moving light into an automated follow spot, by controllingpan/tilt movements. Additionally, zactrack LIGHT CONTROL offers dynamic “auto functions” triggerd by the position of an actor (e.g. relative iris, focus, zoom and dimmer).All zactrack functions can be controlled by any lighting console via standardised protocols (e.g. DMX, ARTNet, sACN). The number of fixtures used in one system is unlimited.


zactrack VIDEO CONTROL for media servers delivers tracking for video projections and LED wall panels. Motion dependent video effects follow the movements of every actor and are programmed into stunning dynamic video effects. In combination with our game engine interface, we deliver interactive games customised for specific needs. Creative design possibilities are unlimited. Interactive large scale video projections open up new opportunities for audience participation and sponsor ad-placements at arena sport events.


Sound panning systems require the real positions of interpreters on stage. zactrack SOUND CONTROL provides those positions for the use with matrix mixers and loudspeaker arrays. The sound source is shifted automatically as the interpreter moves. The standardised OSC protocol is used as a link to wave field synthesis sound panning systems


Using professional broadcast cameras on remote heads is common in TV productions, filmmaking and sport events. zactrack controls pan and tilt motion of cameras and adjusts zoom and focus automatically. 

In combination with smaller Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras, zactrack CAMERA CONTROL is capable of delivering a multitude of new camera angles, without ever losing focus of the tracked actor. This allows totally new ways of storytelling in film and TV. 

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